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Zombies Attack IC

Written by Matthew Watkajtys

A human strike team takes aim at approaching zombies on the academic quad.  Photo by Matthew Watkajtys '11

Twice a semester, the walking dead take over the campus during a weeklong game of Humans versus Zombies.

In this epic battle, similar to the game Assassin, nearly 80 students from every school join forces as humans to lay waste to the zombie outbreak.

Zombies attack! Photo by Matthew Watkajytys '11

Zombies attack! Photo by Matthew Watkajytys '11

The objective: for humans to stay human for as long as possible, and for zombies to kill as many humans as possible.

In this outdoor-only game, humans shoot Nerf guns or throw balled-up socks to stun the zombies, who, of course, are indestructible.

Zombies, who wear bandannas on their heads for identification, convert their human counterparts by tagging them.

Humans who are playing the game wear bandannas on their arms.

Bryant Francis ’12 says the best advice he can give those eager to take on the zombies is: “Stay human.”



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