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Why did you choose Ithaca College?

Written by Margaret Hibma

Illustration by Harrison Shuldman '08

A question from the " Fuse Guide to Surviving (and Thriving!) Your First Year" answered by eight current IC students

Karin Edsall '12: After visiting a few colleges and reviewing what they had to offer, I found that Ithaca was the clear choice. The many majors the College offers caught my attention, and stepping onto this beautiful campus just closed the deal.

Katrina Thoene '12: I chose Ithaca because it had so many of the things that I was looking for. The physical therapy program here is exceptional, the school offered me a great deal through its many scholarship opportunities, and the surrounding area and city are gorgeous! I also really liked the general attitude and feeling of the campus community when I visited.

Samantha Stern '12: I absolutely loved the campus feel, and I had the feeling that I belonged when I took the tour -- I felt right at home. The surrounding area has just enough excitement to entertain me but not so much that it’s distracting. I also met with the professors and advisers in my school, and they made me feel welcome.

Katherine Sullivan '12: I chose Ithaca after hearing about it from some of my high school teachers who were IC graduates. I visited the campus during the summer and really loved it, and when I came back for my music school audition in December, I knew that it was the school for me. I can’t describe my decision any other way except that it was a feeling I got inside that told me I was in the right place and making the right decision.

Molly McPike '12: I was accepted to all the colleges I had applied to, but I chose Ithaca because I had imagined myself going there since I was a young girl. I love that there is always something to do, either on campus or in the city of Ithaca. My mom and I were talking just the other day about how lucky it was that I picked a place that there is always something to do when my family and friends come to visit.

Kaylee Underkofler '12: I chose Ithaca College mainly because of the physical therapy program. The program is so renowned and distinguished that I didn’t think I could go wrong. Also, when I came to visit Ithaca’s campus, it felt more right than any other college I visited. The location is perfect for me. The area has a ton of stuff to do and it's absolutely beautiful. The size of the school is great too. It's big enough to have a lot of diversity, but it's small enough to feel like you're a part of a campus community rather than a city, and it has a lot of smaller class sizes.

Daniel Brown '11: I wasn't organized about applying to colleges because I wasn't really sure what I wanted. My strategy was basically to apply to as many schools as possible all over the country. Of the ten I applied to, Ithaca was the one that I liked the best. Receiving a good financial aid package didn't hurt either!

Riley Dunn '12: I chose Ithaca because it had so much to offer me academically and athletically. I was excited about the wide variety of programs dealing with exercise science or different aspects of sports. I was also interested in joining the basketball team, and members of that program encouraged me and definitely helped me picture myself as an Ithaca Bomber.

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When I looked up colleges on collegeboard.com , I saw Ithaca and checked it out. I was in love with the menu, as well as the atmosphere, the community, and ofcourse, the school. As I looked deeper into schools and changed my mind about certain things, Ithaca was still the top on my list. Now, I have attended and Informational session, as well as an Open House, and know for sure that Ithaca is the school for me. It's everything I want in a college experience, from the food, and atmosphere, to the teachers that love what the do, and the students that love doing it. I hope that I will be accepted into Ithaca and can attend next fall.

Anastasia Matos
Prospective Student

IC myself at IC, it's that simple. When looking at colleges to attend i wanted somewhere i saw myself fitting in at and being comfortable. So when i saw IC and did more digging into them i automatically knew this is the place for me. After attending the open house and actually meeting the awesome teachers and students that i have heard so much about it only confirmed more that this is where i want to be next fall.


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