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What Parents Say about Ithaca

Written by Michael Berlin '08 and Meredith Farley '09

Illustration by Harrison Shuldman 08

College is a learning experience for the parent as well as the student. For the most part, your child will do the right thing or make the right decision. As parents, we just have to let them do that, as hard as it might be at the time.” ~Eileen Farley (Meredith’s mom)


Ithaca College has offered my daughter more than just a college experience; it’s provided her with opportunity. The faculty at Ithaca is very pro-active and they truly care about their student’s education as well as their futures. The classes consist of so much more than listening to a professor, reading a curriculum, and taking exams. They consist of hands on experience in the student’s field of interest, providing them with the confidence they need upon graduation. This college experience has not only been great for my daughter but for her parents as well. ” ~ Lisa Malcolmson


I like that the classes and the campus are small. You get more individual attention; it's a more intimate setting, you don't feel lost in the crowd, and you get to know your peers better.” ~Desire Wolfe

My biggest college hope for Mike was that he would come into his own and blossom as a person, realize all the potential that he had, and find something he loved to do. And I think that’s happened at Ithaca. I think that because of Ithaca and the kind of school it is, this was possible.” ~Susie Berlin (Mike's mom)

Ithaca is very accepting of people from all walks of life, and I love that about Ithaca. That’s something that I truly believe in, and I like the fact that Ithaca definitely accepts and embraces people from wherever they come from. I mean, you could have polka dots all over your face and you would be accepted there; it doesn’t matter.

"Jessica was a cheerleader in high school, and one of her big things was that she wanted to be a cheerleader in Ithaca. During orientation, she went to the cheerleading club table and told them she would really like to tryout. They were so nice to her -- they actually e-mailed her! Through cheerleading she made a ton of new friends besides the people she was rooming with and on her floor. That was a really good way for her to segue into college life.” ~Halette Sharkey

“My daughter Kelly juggles swimming and singing along with a full schedule of classes, and her professors have been very, very supportive of all that. This is just one of the many benefits of having a personal relationship with your teachers at IC.” ~Ellen Turpin

I've been very impressed by how forward thinking Ithaca is, how much time and attention they put on keeping in touch with alumni, and how many opportunities there are for undergraduates and graduates to take advantage of support from alumni. This speaks to the fact that it isn't a huge school, but somewhere a child can find a place and thrive.” ~Tish Rabe





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