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What excited you about starting college and what made you nervous?

Written by Margaret Hibma

Illustration by Harrison Shuldman '08

A question from the " Fuse Guide to Surviving (and Thriving!) Your First Year" answered by eight current IC students

Riley Dunn ‘12: I had a lot of concerns about going to college. I worried about being on my own in such a large environment. Making friends was also on my mind even though I am a very social person. For me, the distance from home was also a worry. Ithaca is six hours from my hometown, and I was afraid I would be homesick. But I ended up not feeling homesick at all. Ithaca feels like my second home!

Molly McPike ‘12: I was both nervous and excited about coming to college. I was scared about finding friends (especially in a setting so much larger than my high school with so many more choices of clubs and activities). I was worried about sharing a room with someone I didn't know very well, but I was lucky to know my roommate a little because we became acquainted at orientation. I was terrified about the academic work, and I at times I have submerged myself in my schoolwork to the exclusion of other activities. So I was worried that I would become a bookworm. Everything turned out to be fine. The work is challenging but not too difficult. Professors are very understanding and supportive as well.

Samantha Stern ‘12: I was concerned about meeting people. I am a very outgoing person, but that first meeting with a person is never my favorite part. I was not too worried about being on my own at college because I was very independent in high school.

Katrina Thoene ‘12:
My biggest fear coming to college was that I wasn't going to make any friends. I'm very quiet when I first meet people, so I worried that I wouldn't meet anybody and would spend my nights alone in my dorm room. Fortunately a lot of outgoing people came up to me first, and I met people everywhere here -- in class, on sports teams, in the dining halls, at parties, through other people -- everywhere! I was really excited to be away from home but was nervous that I was going to be homesick. At first I was; I missed my family, friends, and boyfriend. I still miss them now, but I've found that there is so much going on here on campus and so many things to do that my time is filled up, and I don't have time to be sad! Making the transition was tough for me and a few of my friends, but most everyone I know at Ithaca has adapted really well to being away from home.

Katherine Sullivan ‘12: I was really nervous about making friends and assimilating into classes. Being so far from home was a very big concern, too. I had never been so far from home for so long. But I was very excited to be going to college, studying music, and meeting new people, so I knew that even with all my concerns, college was going to be a wonderful experience.

Karin Edsall ‘12: My main concern about was the transition. Honestly, the first semester wasn't too bad, but comparing it to the second semester, I realized how everyone differs in their transition. Some people found friends instantly and grew comfortable here quickly. It took me a bit longer; but I found a great group of friends in the seminar class I took first semester.

Kaylee Underkofler ‘11: My biggest concern was about financial aid. College is expensive, and I applied for scholarships and other sources of financial aid. Ithaca helped out a lot, too. I was really nervous about the roommate situation, too. You hear horror stories! But my roommate ended up being my best friend here. We found each other through the roommate surveys on HomerConnect and talked a while before we decided to live together. It worked out better than I could have imagined.

Daniel Brown ‘11: I worried about classes, living on my own, and getting along with my roommate, but I was most worried about meeting people. That concern was the primary reason I was so interested in taking part in a wide variety of the programs Ithaca has to offer.

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