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What advice would you give to high school seniors about coming to Ithaca?

Written by Margaret Hibma

Illustration by Harrison Shuldman '08

A question from the " Fuse Guide to Surviving (and Thriving!) Your First Year" answered by eight current IC students

Karin Edsall '12: I would tell them to involve themselves in many activities. Ithaca offers so many clubs and organizations! Remember that everyone has a different personality, so it’s all right to take it at your own pace.

Katrina Thoene '12: My advice is to breathe. I remember how stressful it was doing college applications and waiting for a response and all the while dying to get out of high school. Hang in there -- college is right around the corner, and for a lot of you, Ithaca would make a great fit.

Ithaca's weather is not for everyone, but the academic programs are excellent, the people are friendly and welcoming, the school is environmentally friendly, there is plenty to do, and it really is a beautiful place.

Samantha Stern '12: Don't be afraid -- most new students are feeling exactly what you are. Be outgoing; walk up to people and introduce yourself. Chances are good that the people you’re approaching were thinking about introducing themselves, too. Get involved with activities on campus and meet people outside your dorm or classes.

Katherine Sullivan '12: I would tell them to enjoy themselves and have fun. College is a wonderful experience full of new and exciting things. There will be some challenges and some adjustment, but as long as you are flexible and willing to work hard, you will do very well.

You don’t need to become involved in every single club on campus to make friends. Pick the things you want to do and that make you happy. Spend time with people with similar interests, and be open to meeting new people. Getting involved as much as you can is the best thing you can do!

Molly McPike '12: I recommend that new students ease into college life. Don't jump headfirst into everything. I still feel like I'm getting settled, and I've been here for a semester and a half. There are so many things to do here, so be sure to try a variety of things. You might be shocked to find that you like something you didn't think you would!

It might take some time before you find a group of people you really enjoy being with. Don't feel let down, left out, or upset. College is your time to explore yourself, so seek friends in different places!

Kaylee Underkofler '11: Start by doing a Jump Start program like ECHO. Then get involved in as many organizations as you can -- you'll meet new people who may become your best college friends. On move-in day, introduce yourself to the other students on your floor. My roommate and I became great friends with some of the people we met on our first day here -- and it also gave us people to go to dinner with that first night!

Daniel Brown '11: I would tell them to try not to be nervous. Ithaca College goes out of its way to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved, and I would recommend the programs I took to anyone, whether they're nervous about coming or not.

Riley Dunn '12: Ithaca is an awesome community. Everyone is always smiling around campus and no one is ever too shy to give a simple hello! Becoming involved and being open to experiencing different things is such a great way to make friends.There are so many programs and activities to get involved in at Ithaca -- the opportunities are endless. Being involved is so important in college. Try new things, and seize every opportunity you have!

What advice are you looking for as you prepare for college? Add a comment to tell us now!


It sounds like everyone who attends Ithaca really loves it there. Hopefully I'll get to experience that excitement soon too!

I can definitely see myself doing great here, especially after my visit! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, hopefully i'll only be able to add to it next year.


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