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VIC Radio Celebrates 25th 50 Hour Marathon

Written by Gillian Smith

VIC 50 Hour Marathon DJs Adam Girgenti '12  and Mike D'Agostino '11.

If you have ever wondered how it would feel to stay up for 50 straight hours, all you have to do is join VIC Radio and become a 50-Hour Marathon DJ! Or, you could just ask Adam Girgenti, Mike D’Agostino, Brian Coffin or Becca Burns, four VIC Radio DJs who stayed up for 50 straight hours on April 15, 16, and 17.

Each year, VIC Radio, which used to be an FM station on 105.9 FM and is now completely online at vicradio.org, holds its 50 Hour Marathon where four DJs stay up for 50 hours straight to raise money for a local community organization. This year, they raised $2,064.01 for Ithaca Community Harvest, which is an organization that raises money to feed undernourished children.

50 Hour began at 4 p.m. on Friday the 15th with DJs Adrock and Dags (Girgenti and D’Agostino), giving a welcome talk set. The marathon, which was simulcast on WICB 91.7 FM, was strictly structured so that no songs or talk sets would violate FCC regulations, which would result in high fines for WICB.

“The station manager told us that the only thing we needed to worry about at all was just the ability to speak on the air,” said Adam Girgenti. “We no longer needed to worry about any of the events or the other DJs, we simply needed to be able to speak for the next 50 hours.”

Throughout the weekend were myriad events. On Saturday evening 50 Hour held a Battle of the Bands in the Campus Center, in which five bands competed. All but one of the members skipped out on one band, leaving the keyboard to give one of the most fantastic performances. The winner of the competition was Maria Shishmanian and the boys. Completely a donate-only event, VIC raised over $100 for the Ithaca Community Harvest. Saturday night, at midnight, the annual VIC Scavenger Hunt began. Teams of four participated in the scavenger hunt, which asked participants to drive around Ithaca doing silly adventures and taking photos of their accomplishments.


D’Agostino said the hardest part of the marathon was 4 a.m. because that is when everyone would get tired and those who didn’t have to stay would go home for the night and they would have to struggle through the quiet to stay up.

“My most stressful time was Saturday night into Sunday I started to get sick, my throat got sore and my voice was hot for about two hours until I could find someone to get me some tea,” Girgenti said.

He added that the easiest time for him was the last hour because the energy in the studio was so high.

“Everyone started coming back and were so excited for us and what we had done and so anxious to hear how much money we raised that I couldn’t even think about being tired anymore,” he said.

Overall, Girgenti said it was actually easier than he expected because he had heard horror stories from previous DJs who had done the marathon previously.

“It was such a fun experience,” he said. “It was hard, but I fell asleep like a baby right after, which was fantastic.”



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