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Tried and True Takeout

Written by Katherine Slifer

Tried and True Takeout

Growing up in New York City, I could pick up my phone, and a great meal would be on my doorstep in minutes. When I got to Ithaca, I didn’t have a car, and I didn’t want to take the bus every time I craved a slice of pizza, especially if I was pulling an all-nighter. I soon learned that many Ithaca restaurants deliver. With my trusty speed dial in hand (or with a click on campusfood.com), I ordered to my heart’s -- and stomach’s -- content.

So when you find yourself suffering from late-night cravings, just check out the list below for some of Ithaca’s top picks for dorm delivery.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The Connection

Where: The Connection, (607) 233-4958
Why it’s great: The Connection offers an eclectic mix of dessert items, greasy food like nachos or quesadillas, and salads. Everyone will find something tempting on the menu.
Specialty: 9-inch big cookie

Refuel for the Night

Capital Corner

Where: Capital Corner, (607) 564-5213
Why it’s great: It offers a wonderful assortment of delicious Chinese food without the MSG that can cause stomach aches.
Specialty: Sesame chicken and scallion pancakes

Healthy Snacks

The Pita Pit

Where: The Pita Pit, (607) 821-1334
Why it’s great: You can make your own pita and have a side salad. It’s the perfect choice if you’ve been eating badly all week and want to make up for it.
Specialty: Chicken Caesar pita

Subs That Will Stick to Your Ribs

Jimmy John's

Where: Jimmy John’s, (607) 821-1343
Why it’s great: The variety of subs and sandwiches can hit any and every spot. From sprouts to roast beef, you name it, they make it.
Specialty: California sub on wheat bread

Pizza Time

Sammy's Pizzeria

Where: Sammy’s Pizzeria, (607) 527-7288
Why it’s great: Not only is there a wide variety of pizza, but there is also an option to make your own pasta dishes and salads. Talk about having everything!
Specialty: Baked ziti pizza

Calzone Cravings

D.P. Dough

Where: D P Dough, (607) 699-4854
Why it’s great: There are so many calzones available; it’s hard to choose just one. If you’re ordering with friends who don’t like calzones, there are also salads and wings available.
Specialty: Buffer zone calzone

Group Study Session Break

Wings Over Ithaca

Where: Wings Over Ithaca, (607) 341-7414
Why it’s great: Wings Over Ithaca can feed a single person or a large group. You can order a seven-wing snack to a whopping 120-wing feast, and you’ll find every sauce you could possibly want.
Specialty: DC-3 with teriyaki sauce

Ithaca has some amazing restaurants and great food, but don’t take my word for it. Take the taste test yourself! These are just a few good places to start, but there are many more. Ithaca may seem like a small place, but it’s jam-packed with some of the best eats that can be ordered, picked up, and delivered!



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