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For Ithaca students, the Fulbright awards just keep on coming

Written by Shanan Glandz

Fulbright awards are an amazing achievement for any student, and, for many institutions, having just one student on its rolls receive a Fulbright is an enormous honor. Last year, the College had two Fulbright winners. This year, Ithaca made history with not two, but three Fulbright recipients!

Fulbright recipient Kelly Helin will research educational techniques that assist students attending primary and secondary schools in learning English. Award recipient Sarah Kessler plans to go to South Korea for human rights research in collaboration with the Human Rights Commission of Korea, the Migrant Welfare Center, and Korea’s Hanyang University. Fulbright recipient Betsabe Luna plans to travel to Spain to work with Madrid organizations that deal with domestic violence. She also plans to research educational techniques for teaching in Spanish high schools.

More information about the Fulbright program can be found at www.fulbrightonline.org for students interested in conducting post-graduation research abroad.



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