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Roommates Can Be the Start of Something Good

Written by Lauren Hesse

dorm room door

As we were putting together our story about roommates for the latest issue of Fuse we couldn't help but feel sentimental. Check out our favorite iconic roommates in pop culture from hilarious television clips, to viral videos and even celebrities who bunked up together in real life. Seeing these memorable moments may ease your own fears of the roommate unknown; so, take a seat, take a breath and enjoy the experience!

Suiteness is an ICTV show that mocks typical dorm life in college. While the scenarios may be exaggerated, the show offers a great student perspective on college life. You can watch full episodes of this 100% student-made show for here: http://www.ictv.org/show/Suiteness/




Dorm Life was a web series that pokes fun at typical college dorm experiences. Sure it's satirical but poking fun at roommate fears can make transitioning into the real thing way easier.


So sweet that these LA roommates started off so well. Try to leave the drama to The Hills stars and your own roommate experiences will be smooth sailing!



It may be a bad thing to be as attached as Taylor Swift is in this SNL skit but we can’t help but wonder if college life brings roommates closer. Maybe even too close...




Stepbrothers may have bunked their beds to make room for more activities but we suggest you put in a work request to bunk your beds. This way you have plenty of room to do aerobics or play army men... and sleep soundly with no worries of collapsing beds!





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