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Spring 2012

Who says you need a fancy studio to make a broadcast production? IC students can broadcast live with the use of  remote production truck featuring camera, sound, and editing equipment all inside one compact vehicle. The remote truck allows students to produce live broadcasts of Bomber sports, graduation, speakers, and events that are shown throughout the Tompkins County area through a local TV channel.


Just as winter descended on Ithaca, the Department of Theatre Arts lit up the stage with their Illuminated Bodies dance performance. Choreographed by assistant professor of theatre arts Lindsay Gilmour and instructor Amy Walker O'Brien, the performance of the four-part dance concert set out to express human emotion through movement.


Most people don't realize that musicians can suffer health issues as a result of their profession, but they can. Carpal tunnel syndrome, stress injuries, and back pain are just a few of the problems they may suffer due to repetitive practicing and performing.


Last spring, an IC 20/20 class entitled Launching a Green Living Magazine gave students an inside look at magazine publishing.


On a crisp fall morning, I climb out of my car and make my way to the trunk, where I carefully select a bagful of toys. Into a large canvas tote I throw Play-Doh, shape sorters, textured balls, crayons, colorful blocks, and Magna Doodles. I need some larger equipment, too: a tunnel, a peanut s-shaped exercise ball, and a dizzy disc. Once my selection is complete. I work my way to the front door of my first family's house.



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