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Ithaca Festival is one of Ithaca's oldest and best festivals - - and that's saying a lot! Having partially emptied from students leaving after final exams and commencements, the town filled up again as locals and people from across the state filtered in to enjoy the weekend-long event.


It's 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning. While the rest of the Ithaca College campus is sound asleep, an IC student sits in the WICB studio, poised at the microphone to begin the first talk-set of the morning.


The moment before a conductor’s downbeat is one of the most exciting in any musician’s day. In that instant, you experience the synthesis of many hours of rehearsal, new relationships, and untold amounts of knowledge gained. Imagine this energy at a performance of one of the most epic pieces of classical music ever written. Imagine it taking place in the venue where the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra regularly performs, or in one of the oldest churches in the United States.


ICTV gives Ithaca College students the opportunity to create and produce completely student-run television series about whatever sparks their creativity. A group of students have taken this experience to a whole new level by not only writing and producing a television show, but building an entire set from scratch completely off campus.


There is a room in the Center for Health Sciences that has mechanical robots, a Wii balance board, and, sometimes, tiny tykes motoring around. This unlikely combination is the basis for a collaborative research project among three Ithaca College faculty members.

Sharon Stansfield (computer science), Carole Dennis (occupational therapy), and Helene Larin (physical therapy) are developing a device that will aid children with physical impairments or developmental delays to move freely and explore their surroundings.


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