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fall 2011

An exciting new minicourse in the Roy H. Park School of Communications had ABC News anchors Diane Sawyer and David Muir ’95 interacting with students via Skype.


You know the instructions for glue: Apply to a clean, dry surface. So how do snails, slugs, and oysters stick to wet, slimy surfaces so ferociously you’d need a chisel to get them off? That’s what IC biology professor Andy Smith studies—he believes the adhesive secretions of mollusks have potentially valuable medical applications. And students collaborate with him on this research.


Anyone who’s spent some time in Ithaca knows about the scene at Purity Ice Cream on a typical Friday night—outdoor and indoor seating areas overflowing with friends, teammates, families, and couples; lines stretching out the door of people eager for a taste of Icy Buns, Sleepers Awake, Finger Lakes Tourist, or Bulldog Crunch. But it takes more than a quality product to run a successful business, and Fuse got the inside scoop from Purity co-owner Heather Lane M.B.A. ’10, who now shares her expertise with students in the School of Business in her one credit course Entrepreneurial Spirit.


As I feverishly scribble performance notes while watching my best friend Hollis perform a poem from our play Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale, I cannot help but feel like I am back in the African-Latino Society room at Ithaca College. The only difference is that I am no longer directing the annual Spit That! showcase, but rather a professional play that I helped create. 


When I tell friends about my archaeological expeditions to Cyprus, they picture the adventures of Indiana Jones. But mostly what Indy and I have in common are that we get to travel to exotic locales and wear wide-brimmed hats—it’s hot working out in that sun!



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