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The math classroom can be a foreboding place, filled with complicated equations and concepts that require their own language to decipher. And most math students at some point in their education find themselves wondering, “How will I apply this to real life?”


It’s Monday at 12:30 p.m., and juniors in Ithaca’s music education program have taken over four classrooms at the Immaculate Conception School downtown.


Want to start your own business someday? Talk to someone who’s done it himself. Jared O’Toole ’08 graduated with a degree in business finance but ultimately decided finance was not for him. Instead he created his own business.


As a business administration major at Ithaca, Amber Spiegel ’05 spent her free time making bread and desserts for her roommates. “I was the resident baker,” Spiegel says.


From dorm life to fashion, from dining to gardening, the online magazine Shoestring focuses on living the good life for less and in a greener way. The magazine recently featured two Ithaca alumnae, Khrista Trerotola '07 and Giulia Rozzi '00.


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Are you a prospective student with college planning questions? Then myIthaca has got you covered.

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