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Students Attend UN Conference on Climate Change

Written by 3/13/2009

Last December Ithaca College students accompanied faculty to the annual United Nations Forum Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Pozan, Poland. The students went as part of the College’s International Environmental Policy course. The conference aims to create consensus regarding the implementation of an international agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

Students were given observer status at the convention, which granted them conference-wide access, and they had the opportunity to witness firsthand the negotiations between world leaders to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

The conference called for a green energy revolution and urged each participant to promote investment in alternative energies such as solar, wind, and wave power in his or her own country.

Equipped with information from the UNFCCC and facts about the crisis of global warming, the students committed themselves to spreading awareness on campus and in their personal lives to reduce human impact on the planet.

Follow the link at right for a firsthand account of the conference and other student commitments and experiences.



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