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Staff Blogs

Staff Blogs

Want to know what it's like to live the Ithaca experience day to day? Follow Fuse bloggers as they work and play and learn -- here and all over the world! 

Doing It Right: An LA Semester

Loads of practical tips, insider tricks, and first-hand tribulations from Cinema and Photography student Colleen Cunha's semester in Los Angeles.

My Dinner With Ithaca

Have you ever wondered what Ithaca was like over the summer? What your cool Ithaca friends were doing while they were staying here? What kind of food they all eat? What kind of concerts they all go to? What's on sale at Wegman's? Krystal Cannon's here to tell you. One girl. One summer. One Ithaca. Coming soon to a theater near you.

London Living

Follow the latest from students at the Ithaca College London Center as they juggle classes, internships, and life abroad in the host city of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Ciao Italia!

Matt Prokosch '13, a Social Studies Teacher Education major at IC and a staff photographer for Fuse, spends the fall semester of his Junior year studying in Siena, Italy with the IES's Study Abroad program. Check out his updates on learning a new language, studying in a place steeped in history, and eating mouth-watering food, all while sharing some amazing photos of the old-world and new-world cultures around him.

No Car, No Problem

Think you'd be lost in Ithaca without a car of your own? Staff writer Haley Davis '12 will prove you wrong as she spends her summer in Ithaca free of parking woes. From the TCAT bus to her vintage bike or just her own two feet, Haley will show you how she makes the most of a car-free lifestyle without sacrificing fun or convenience.

Everything In-Between

Our summer photographer Anika Steppe '13 takes the time between semesters to focus her lens on the subtleties of Ithaca.

The Hollywood Intern

Meet Alexandra, a junior journalism major at IC and Fuse staff writer. For the fall 2011 semester she's lived in Los Angeles and interned in the production department for the Emmy award-winning CBS medical talk show, "The Doctors." Follow her adventures in LA -- from beaches and sun to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood!

One Day Ahead

Discover what it's like to spend a semester studying abroad on the other side of the world, as Fuse assistant photo editor Michelle Montgomery '12 shares the images and stories from her semester abroad in Australia, fourteen hours ahead of Ithaca, NY.


Fuse photographers get you plugged into the local music scene with photos and reviews of concerts all around town. Hint: The small screen doesn't do their work justice. Be sure to view their slideshows in full screen mode, and enjoy!


The official photo editor's blog of Fuse. Here the photo editors talk about assigning stories, photo selection, and converse very openly about everything the photo editors get to do with Fuse. You're in for quite the ride as our photo team keeps you involved in the entire process. See what develops!

The List

Follow Fuse writer Lauren Hesse '11 as she embarks on her senior year at Ithaca College with her friends, fellow Fuse staff, and a list of 50 things to do before graduation.

In the Asian Springboard

Fuse writer and social media editor Alyssa Letsch '10 is spent a semester in Singapore as an exchange student at one of Asia's premier technological institutes. Follow her her adventures on campus, across the island and overseas travels.

Critical Crossroads

What's it like to be at the United Nations Convention on Climate Change? Fuse web editor Meghan Swope '11, one of 20 IC students who attended the two-week convention in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2009, gives a day-by-day blow-by-blow.

Mind the Gap

In her first few weeks across the Pond at Ithaca's London Center, Fuse writer Lauren Hesse '11 landed an internship with a fashion distributor, took in Shakespeare in the city where many of his plays premiered (A Midsummer Night's Dream with Dame Judi Dench), and saw art masterpieces she'd only known from textbooks. 

Hey! What in Ithaca Is That?

It's I Spy -- IC style! Every week or so, we'll post a photo of something on campus or around town. Comment on what and where it is, and if you're right, you'll win!

Fuse Finds

With the boom of sites like YouTube and Google Video, anyone can be an amateur filmmaker -- and sometimes the result can be quite entertaining. So we've set forth, scouring the video internet for "Fuse Finds." On this blog, you'll find little snippets of Ithaca College through online video collected by all of our staff. Enjoy!


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