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Snow Days

Written by Lauren Hesse

Snowboarding on campus. Photo by Jeff Goodwin '10

By now you probably know that winters in Ithaca can be cold. Really cold. But you don’t have to stay cooped up in your dorm room until the spring thaw. Check out these activities that Ithaca has to offer.

Lace Those Skates

The ice rink at downtown’s Cass Park hosts the local coed recreational ice hockey league as well as open skating. And if you’re not Wayne Gretzky or Michelle Kwan, don’t sweat it. Cass Park offers lessons for all ages.

Winter Is Gorges

Summer isn’t the only time Ithaca is gorges. Many of the gorges and falls are just as beautiful in the winter. Nearby Taughannock Falls State Park is open year-round. Don’t forget your camera -- when the falls freeze, they form incredible ice sculptures.

Cruisin’ Crucifers!

Grab a rutabaga, and take home the gold!

Grab a rutabaga, and take home the gold!

Ever feel the urge to hurl a large root vegetable? Are you blessed with a competitive streak? Then the Ithaca Farmers’ Market’s annual Rutabaga Curling World Championship is for you. A Cornell grad student took home the gold last year (“along with eternal glory, honor, and fame,” according to the Games' website). Will IC claim the championship this year? Please, no practicing in the dining halls.

Take a Hike!

Wading through thigh-high snow can make for a slow slog. But throw on some snowshoes and you’ve got a fun winter workout. You can rent a pair from Cayuga Nature Center or IC’s Office of Recreational Sports. Once you’re hooked, a new set from downtown outfitters such as Finger Lakes Running Company or Eastern Mountain Sports will set you back anywhere from $100 to almost $300.

Strap On Those Boards

Greek Peak is the nearest ski resort, and IC Ride, Ithaca’s recreational skiing and snowboarding club, can help get you there. Or you can join the Nordic Ski Club or the Ski Racing Club for more formal training or competitions. The College’s rolling hills also make for great winter terrain. Areas by Boothroyd Hall, above the Terraces, and near Emerson Hall are all ideal places to get your snow on! Bring a snowboard, ski blades -- heck, even your sled -- and join other students in winter-only festivities.



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