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Secluded Spots to Hit the Books

Written by Nicole Meseguer

Students studying outside Muller Chapel

So your roommate is having a Grey’s Anatomy party, and your floormates are in the lounge working on a group project. Need some space to study or somewhere to write that paper? Fuse has the perfect spot for you.


The Classic Library
Open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., the College library is the perfect retreat. Some of the best study sessions take place on the main floor, but there are a few prime spots that offer the silence required for cramming.

Health policy studies alumnus Jeffrey Penoyer ’08 says, “The fifth floor of the library was my favorite place to focus because no one’s there and it’s dead quiet.” The walls are lined with individual work spaces featuring cubby-like desks, perfect for those seeking a little peace and quiet. And if you want to meet with a group more privately, a few closed rooms are available on the same floor.

 A student studies on the fifth floor of the library.

Secret Library Study Spot

Campus Center Convenience
A happening hub in the Campus Center, IC Square is a popular place for students to grab a coffee in the morning, meet a friend for lunch, and sneak in a few hours of homework. A little louder and a bit more crowded than other spots, it’s an excellent space for Ithacans who like some background noise. "I loved to do homework there,” says psychology alumna Jenna McElroy ’08, “because I liked the social stimulation, and I'd get more distracted when it was dead silent.

You’ll find plenty of tables and outlets for plugging in your computer (wireless Internet access is available for students). A lesser known spot in IC Square called the fishbowl is a good place to be in the action and still get a little privacy.

Lobby with a View
A haven of comfort and space, the outer lobby of Emerson Suites is underrated for studying. Outside the large room used for campus events you’ll find a row of couches lining the windows.

Curling up with a coffee, art history major Kristina O’Connor ’10 says, “The couches along the windows in Emerson Suites are the best place to study. It’s quiet here and not a lot of people are going through.” It also boasts a great view of the Park School with Cayuga Lake in the distance.

A quiet spot in the Emerson Suites provides an opportunity to sit and read.


Class at Night
If you’re looking for a place to turn off your cell phone and remain unreachable, try meandering into Williams Hall or the Center for Health Sciences (CHS) and finding an empty classroom at night. No one will ever find you, and chances are you won’t be interrupted.

“I liked studying in empty classrooms at night because no one was around. No noise, no distractions,” says exercise science alumna Molly Friel ’08. “You could also get a dry erase marker and write on the white boards to go over notes and class material. Everything you needed was in one place.”

Other Indoor Nooks and Crannies
There are plenty of other quiet corners on campus that can be great for getting work done. Physical therapy major Mark McAuliffe ’09 likes the physical therapy learning lab in CHS. “It has access to the resources I need, and I always see people from my classes,” he explains.

Computer labs are located in several buildings, as well as on the first floor of the West Tower (which also has a laundry room that makes for a good study area). Clark, Klingenstein, and McDonald Lounges in the Campus Center are comfy spaces to study when they’re not in use.

And one last secret space is McHenry Lobby on the fourth floor of the music building. Non-music majors are always welcome to sit and study awhile.

Little-known McHenry Lobby is a study spot with a fabulous view.



Spiritual Retreat
Behind Muller Chapel is an outdoor sanctuary with a few open picnic tables. A seat by the pond amid the scenery is a great place to write or collect your thoughts. Or bring a blanket and a book and sit on the grass with a friend to get some peace of mind and catch up on those chapters you’ve been putting off.

One of the prettiest study spots on campus is also a great place to study.


Enjoy The Scenery
On top of Textor Hall, by the huge Textor ball, is another great place to crack your books. Grab your lunch and settle in to read and to take in an amazing view of Cayuga Lake.

Students often study outside on top of Textor Hall.




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