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Saw Producer Spills Film Production Secrets

Written by Bryan Roth '07

How often do you get the chance to take a class with the producer of one of the most popular horror franchises to date? During the first week of February, 60 Ithaca College students did just that, meeting with Saw producer Dan Heffner ’78, for a mini-course entitled Film Production from Concept to Distribution. Offering insight into what it’s like to be in the entertainment business, Heffner shared important advice for every aspiring Hollywood luminary, including how to find the perfect script, who to meet, and how much luck plays into a movie’s success. Using the Saw franchise as an example, he walked students through the production of each film to help them fully understand the moviemaking process.

Over the weekend, Heffner answered numerous questions and encouraged students to network as much as possible—an immeasurable skill that can work wonders in the entertainment (or any) industry. With so many Ithaca College alumni connected in Hollywood, a job may be just one e-mail or phone call away.



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