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Relay For Life: Twelve Hours of Walking, Fundraising and Fun

Written by Evan Johnson

Relay For Life 2013

It took some Zumba dancing, a few freeze pops, and a number of motivational speeches, but by the end of the twelve-hour event, Ithaca College’s Colleges Against Cancer annual Relay For Life honored those lost, supported those still struggling, and renewed the pledge to continue the fight.

Fuse followed three IC students -- Emily '13, Marley '15, and Dominick '16 -- who each participated in the event for their own unique reasons.

Emily is the president of IC's chapter of College’s Against Cancer and worked all night to make sure the event went off without a hitch, running around to the corners of the arena, chatting into her headset. “This night is huge,” she said at the start. “We’ve been planning for months and it’s going to go great.”

The event began at four in the afternoon and didn't end until the following dawn. It was a long night, one that provided a roller coaster of emotions. Participants’ feelings ran from motivated to somber but by the end of the night, however tired they were, they kept walking for a purpose.

Marley is a cancer survivor who shared her story as an inspiration for others. “I don’t relay for my self,” she said in a speech. “I relay for my family and anyone else who has had to go through this.”

Meanwhile, there was Zumba dancing, improv comedy, performances from acapella groups Ithacapella and Voicestream, and much more to keep the event lively and fun and prevent anyone from getting too tired or dozing off.

Dominick is a first-year student and came away fully committed to Colleges Against Cancer and will be back again next year. “This is unlike anything I’ve done before,” he enthused.

Browse through our timeline below to see how the event unfolded, or open our fullscreen timeline for the best experience.



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