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Ithaca's Dining Halls Go Green!

Written by 8/24/2009

Ithaca's Dining Halls Go Green!

Ithaca’s Dining Services’ sustainability initiative, PLANit: The Future Is in Our Hands, makes the College’s dining practices healthier and greener. PLANit focuses on environmental, social, and economic awareness.

Each month, Dining Services offers students a chance to learn more about a specific a topic in sustainability from organic harvesting to composting. Some of the changes made in dining halls last year as part of the program include the following:

  • Food waste from all dining halls preparation is collected and sent for processing to a local composting facility.
  • Trayless dining -- meaning students do not use trays to carry their food -- conserves energy and water, reduces food waste, and promotes portioned eating.
  • The Fresh Food Market at Towers Dining Hall offers organic and locally grown foods.
  • A food salvage program provides meals to a local food pantry every Friday.

Did You Know?

Throughout the semester, REMP (Resource Environmental Management Program) and Dining Services look for students who use refillable mugs on campus and present them with a coupon redeemable for one 16 oz coffee.

Every month, Ithaca Dining Services features one dinner to celebrate the birthdays of students within that month. It’s the perfect opportunity to head over to the dining hall for great food and, of course, birthday cake!



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