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Students Make A Splash for the American Heart Association

Written by David Owens

Students play intramural battleship in the A&E Center Pool

The starting whistle echoed over the pool. Buckets of water began to fly from boat to boat. Initially, the water went high, splashing over the blue and white tile surrounding the pool, but subsequent shots became more and more accurate

The action was all part of intramural battleship, where 76 people had gathered to play the real-life equivalent of the board game as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. 

Teams boarded aluminum canoes and were tasked with sinking their opponent’s “battleship” by flinging plastic buckets of water scooped from the pool. They had to weigh the balance between trying to sink other boats and making sure their own wasn’t filling with too much water.

“It was pretty crazy. It’s all about strategy,” freshman Brendan Davis said as he left the pool after a flurried round.

This is the second year the tournament has been held at IC. 

Ben Paquette, program coordinator for intramurals, said that the event raised $400 through player donations and sponsorships, which will be combined with proceeds from an upcoming 5K race to make a donation to the American Heart Association.



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