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Faculty Focus: Donathan Brown

Written by Kristin Leffler

Assistant Professor Donathan Brown

From analyzing campaign strategies to discussing cultural conflict rhetoric in class, communication studies professor Donathan Brown makes sure his students are thinking critically about the media messages they receive.

“I ask students to remember one thing: It is not always about what you see or hear. Often it is about what you do not see or hear,” he says.

Brown’s course offerings include Intercultural Communication, Campaigns and Elections, and Electing the President—classes that invite engaging and ongoing discussion. Many of Brown’s students have taken the skills learned in the classroom and then landed internships and jobs with congressmen and law firms. Brown’s personalized approach to teaching and his focus on open conversation attract many students to his courses. He describes his teaching style as invitational.

“I prefer to hold conversations and debates as opposed to lecturing alone,” he says. “I have always valued direct and instant correspondence and feedback as opposed to letting students decipher PowerPoint slides.”

Outside the classroom, Brown is working on immigration reform research for the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, looking at how race drives state and federal immigration policies.

Four Surprising Things about Donathan Brown

  1. He has a great interest in meteorology.
  2. He has not ruled out the possibility of running for Congress.
  3. He’s always wanted to experience the Iditarod race from Anchorage to Nome.
  4. He enjoys watching old episodes of Northern Exposure.



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