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E = (IC)2

Written by Fuse Staff

What do you get when you cross a history professor, an anthropology professor, and a health promotion and physical education professor? A new course called We Are What We’ve Eaten: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Food Choice and History.  

This aptly titled course is a part of a new initiative called (IC)2, or Ithaca College Integrative Curriculum. This series of projects and mini-courses aim to get students thinking in new ways and from unconventional angles.

“Most problems of any substance need to be looked at from multiple perspectives for the best solutions that don’t cause more problems down the road,” says biology professor Nancy Jacobson, who taught an (IC)2 class Integration: Connecting the Disciplines with writing professor Barbara Adams.

These interdisciplinary courses don’t just benefit students. “This takes faculty out of their comfort zones just as much,” says Jacobson. “And I think it is important for them to grow as well.” 



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