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Carl Daikeler's Secrets to Success: The CEO of Beachbody Talks Obesity, Social Media, and His Alma Mater

Written by Haley Davis

"At Ithaca I learned how to use media to effect change and motivate people."

When Carl Daikeler '86 entered Ithaca College as a corporate organizational media major (similar to IC’s current B.S. in communication management and design), he had no idea that he would eventually be rallying to end the trend of obesity in the United States. For one thing, he hates exercising. “I’m always trying to come up with new ways to motivate myself to work out because I can’t stand it,” Daikeler admits, “or motivate myself to eat better because I eat like a second grader.”

That’s where Beachbody’s signature home fitness programs like the P90X come in. “We’ve always focused on real people and real results instead of celebrities and their results,” he says, explaining the company’s main recipe for success. 

Beachbody uses media as their medium—their sales are 100 percent direct-to-consumer, via their website and television infomercials and network of customer/distributors. Daikeler also sends inspirational messages to his 11,000- plus followers on Twitter. “We just try to use media to be a more effective delivery mechanism of the information required to get healthy and fit, and we do it in a fun way,” Daikeler says. “I think Ithaca has contributed to that because I learned how to use media to effect change and to motivate people,” a trait, he says, that’s common with Ithaca students.

Beachbody, which has generated over $2 billion in sales since it started in 1999, is now set on fighting obesity. “The campaign End the Trend is not just trying to sell a product but really trying to generate results that last for people,” says Daikeler.

The company has enlisted the help of over 60,000 Beachbody “coaches”—ordinary people with an interest in health and fitness who believe in Beachbody’s products and its mission—to spread the word about routines like TurboFire, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, P90X; the health shake Shakeology; and workout gear. Coaches earn a commission on sales. Still, Daikeler insists that they’re “just getting started” on revolutionizing at-home fitness and ending obesity.

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I am so happy to learn that Daikeler graduated from IC! I'm a Junior Cinema/Photography student at IC as well a Beachbody Coach. Last semester I graduated from the P90X program and turned my whole way of living around. I also take the nutritional supplement Shakeology. I'm continuing to the program and invite any IC student to join me! Email me at jrimmey1@ithaca.edu if you want to join my challenge group starting 2/06/2012. Glad to hear about another alum from IC who has made a huge influence in the world through media. Thanks!


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