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The Hollywood Intern

The Hollywood Intern

Finding internships and hands-on learning (and the correct freeway exits!) in a semester at the heart of the entertainment industry with the LA Program.

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Written by Alexandra Evans      Add a comment

Fall 2011 ICLA class at Universal Studios Hollywood

Four weeks ago, my father and I drove from his house in Northern Kentucky to my current semester home in Los Angeles. Though I had been talking with friends about LA all summer, the fact that I would be studying here for four months didn’t really sink in until that Vegas-to-SoCal stretch of highway after midnight on our second day of driving. We stopped at "Real Donuts" in Vegas for a sugar spike, and that’s when it hit me: I wasn’t about to just see LA for the first time; I was going to LIVE there.

Now, I'm writing from my new apartment in Burbank, CA. I’m here thanks to the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program, a semester-long internship-based program for juniors and seniors in the Roy H. Park School of Communications.

Aside from having an internship somewhere in the entertainment industry, we also take classes for our majors while we're here. My favorite is "Issues and the News." For one, three-hour class each week, we watch a documentary or film with a political theme. Then, we discuss the film and compare it to previous films we've watched. The professors here have worked in the entertainment industry, and it's great to learn from people who've had so much experience in Hollywood already.

I’m going to be blogging about my experience this semester. I’ve been here for almost four weeks, and it’s been amazing, but it hasn’t all been easy! Trust me, living on your own in the USA’s second largest city comes with some craziness, especially when you've got a bunch of 20-somethings trying out the real working world and getting used to an entirely new place at the same time.

Want an example? A couple days ago, my roommate mapped out all the bus routes she'd need to take to get to her internship site. The plan didn't go so well, and she ended up paying about 80 bucks in cab fare to get where she needed to go. Yikes! Lesson learned? Bring a car to LA, because public transportation isn't like NYC's. If you can't do that, be sure to take your bus ride the day before your first day on the job, just to make sure you know where you're going.

In this blog, I'll share what I learn about LA – from tips on how to avoid common LA newbie problems to advice for interning in showbiz. And, of course, what’s a blog about living in this city without talking about all the fun restaurants, tourist spots, beaches, shops and culture?

Join me on my California dream this semester, and start planning your trip here. It’s awesome rocking the Hollywood life, even as a college student on a budget.


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