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No Car, No Problem

No Car, No Problem

A summer of getting around Ithaca without a car

Written by Haley Davis      Add a comment

Yes, today is it, it's my last day working full time for Fuse. I've seen a lot, I've learned a lot, and my calf muscles have grown large from walking uphill to work. Being in Ithaca this summer was the best possible place for me to be and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

This past week has been really fun, with Anika and I getting the chance to go do whatever we feel we missed out on during our summer of fun. Yesterday we explored the South Hill rec trail, which you can get to from Coddington Road, right across from the back entrance of campus. It leads you all the way down to Hudson Street, about five minutes from the Commons. Or, it can lead you to gorge jumping at second dam. It's definitely a good alternative to walking home or downtown from campus because it's in the woods and quiet.

When we got back from our nice walk, we headed to the ice cream social to celebrate the opening of the brand new A&E Center with our bosses – one of many reasons why Fuse is awesome. I've never seen anything like the A&E Center. It's massive and blue and shiny and overall just an impressive building. Today we've convinced our bosses to take us to Cayuga Lake Creamery, which I blogged about earlier (the place with flavors like jalapeno popper). See what I mean about Fuse being awesome?

The A&E Center

The spaceship. I mean, the brand new A&E Center.

So, for our last day of work, Anika is finishing up her awesome umbrella series for her blog and then we might head to the Museum of the Earth before enjoying some bizarre-flavored ice cream.

I'm thankful to Fuse for a lot of things, like getting me back in the habit of writing, introducing me to some amazing IC alum, helping out my bank account after a semester in Dublin, teaching me a lot about my personal writing and editing style, and for introducing me to one of my best friends!

Anika and I in NYC

Just look at these faces! Clearly the beginning of a great friendship.

It's definitely been a great summer but I'm ready to start my senior year! So, a huge welcome to the class of 2015 that will be trickling into Ithaca in two weeks!  Even though it's corny and you'll hear it a lot, welcome home! I can say from experience that it really does become a second home.



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Another bucket list item completed! Yesterday Anika and I headed to Treman Park, where I'd been before but never really hiked around. It's only about 15 minutes from campus but in the summer it does cost $7 to enter the park. There are two main trails you can take, but we opted for the lower trails. It honestly looks like something from Lord of the Rings when you first enter the trail – there are jutting cliffs and smooth rock formations as well as plenty of waterfalls.

Treman Park

As we kept walking, we saw tons of people wading around in the pools and one crazy guy actually take his shoes off and get into the water right above a massive waterfall – it made us nervous so we hurried away. The trail is fairly easy going down, and there are lots of places to stop and admire the waterfalls or put your feet in the stream. We walked for about an hour before encountering a giant staircase of stone steps, which we didn't really feel like climbing without the shelter of the cool woods. So we turned around and headed back up the trail, a slightly more difficult walk. We also made friends with an overly ambitious, potentially rabid chipmunk. All in a day's work.

Hanging by the waterfall at Treman

Did I mention we made some friends?

Afterward, we rewarded ourselves with Purity Ice Cream. They finally have peppermint back (it's a seasonal flavor), so I got my favorite: peppermint ice cream with hot fudge. Try it, it's the best. Tomorrow is our last day of work and I have mixed feelings about it. After my semester in Dublin, I'm really excited for Ithaca classes again, but I'm feeling a little territorial over Ithaca, since I've been exploring and adventuring here all summer. Either way, it's about time for my senior year to begin!


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Beautiful clouds on the drive

It's funny that after three years in Ithaca, I'd never been to its namesake falls! Friday was a beautiful day, so Anika and I adventured over to Cornell's side of the hill and found a pretty cool spot. It's on a side street that's a dead end, but once you park and walk to the end of the street, there's a great overlook of the falls. There's also some interesting things to see, like the prayer and meditation cabin (which was packed full when we got there), as well as some trails overlooking this odd canyon-like abyss with dried up waterways that looked like trails spreading around the massive rocks. This spot was actually Anika's introduction to Ithaca two years ago when she first came for a visit. She hadn't been able to find it since, so we called it a successful day!

Overlooking the Ithaca Falls
The Ithaca Falls

Overlooking the Ithaca Falls.

The forecast is looking pretty rainy, but hopefully we can still get the bucket list finished! 


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Being goofy on the drive

This has been a very rainy week so when we got out of work yesterday and there was some sun peaking through, we decided to make the most of it and head to Taughannock Falls. Taughannock Falls State Park is in Trumansburg, which is about 20 minutes from IC. It was a beautiful drive, with huge, rolling clouds and, as usual, the accompaniment of WICB, IC's radio station.

The drive to Trumansburg

Big fluffy clouds on route to Taughannock Falls.

The initial falls overlook is pretty incredible – it's such a long, long drop! Yesterday was the first time I've done the hike though, or in our case, part of the hike. We walked down the trail and along the many incredible overlooks of the lake and the gorge, past many campsites with hammocks that we were jealous of, and ended up going down a steep stone staircase and crossing a cool bridge near the lake.

The overlook of Taughannock Falls

The overlook of Taughannock Falls.

That was about the point we noticed the huge storm clouds rolling in, so we decided to turn around and hike back up without continuing on the trail to get to the bottom of the waterfall. We decided to come back in the fall when it will be even more beautiful!

A great overlook at Taughannock Falls State Park

An overlook of Cayuga Lake and the gorge.

It's definitely a drive to get there but it's a must see for a family or friends visit. On Tuesday we were adventuring around downtown and came across a gorge we had heard about but never explored, the Cascadilla gorge that goes into Cornell's campus. We walked along it for awhile and it was an easy but beautiful walk until we came across a sign blocking the path and saying that the trail is "impossible." Regardless, I love that after 3 years here I can still stumble on new gorges. Cascadilla is within walking distance of IC too!

Next week is our last full time week at Fuse – ahh, summer! – so hopefully it will be sunny and we can finish off our bucket list! We've already convinced our bosses to take us to Cayuga Lake Creamery on our last day, so that one is taken care of!


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A great cup of coffee

This morning while getting ready for work, I was struck by the familiar and intense need for caffeine. Having never been one to plan ahead, I never leave myself with enough time to make coffee. Luckily, there are countless great places to get caffeine in Ithaca, even some decent places on campus. With the fall semester looming ever closer, I think it's about time to list my top places to get coffee around here.

  1. The Shop. Located right in the Commons (and 5 minutes from my house), this tattoo parlor/venue/coffee place is the perfect combination of what makes great coffee shops great: good coffee and good atmosphere. They have poetry readings and live music often too. This is where I ran to this morning for the best latte in town. Now I want a refill.
  2. Gimme! Coffee. Gimme! is an Ithacan favorite. With at least three locations close to the Commons, it's convenient and sustainable!
  3. Collegetown Bagels. CTB is great for many things, one of them being their coffee. They always have fun seasonal choices too, so be sure to check out their selection of specialty drinks around Halloween.
  4. Stella's. If you're around Collegetown and need caffeine, definitely stop in to the cafe section of Stella's. They have a great selection of hot drinks, with interesting combinations like "The Obama," one of the ingredients being hope. Who doesn't want some of that?
  5. Peggy Ryan Williams Center. Okay, not the best coffee, but it's free! They have hot chocolate and some teas too. There's always La Vincita in the pub (aka IC Square) too, which has a ton of different drinks made with Starbucks coffee.



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