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London Living

London Living

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Written by Anika Steppe      Add a comment

London Center

Between studying, working, going to galleries, eating and travelling it has been easy to keep busy here in London!

As part of the pilot Media Arts in London Program. I am taking Intermedia and Photographic Currents with photography professor Nicholas Muellner. My internship, or work placement as they call it here, was arranged through the new program as well. As a photography major I couldn’t be happier! I work at a commercial gallery in East London and with an experimental artist who is represented by the gallery. My third class is Drama in the London Theatre so I get to see a performance every week. Plus, with all of the deals through the London Center I get to go to sporting events for discounted prices too even though I'm not in the Sports in the U.K class.


A big part of studying abroad in London is travelling. Since there are no classes on Fridays you have long weekends to hop around Europe. For Spring Break I went to Bern, Switzerland then to Delphi, Greece. The next weekend I went to Dublin for St. Patrick’s day and then off to Stratford the following weekend on a school trip. Yet weekends in London are just as exciting as I continue to find my favorite markets, restaurants, galleries, and pubs.


I’ll be sure to keep you posted with more pictures of people, places, and of course, food!

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