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A King Holding an Ice Cream Cone Beckons These Wild Things

Some would say that I'm a wild child. For many of you, I'm probably also a childhood memory.

I'm proud to say that I'm now one of the stars of a feature film, which came out this week.

But before I made my big screen debut, I could be seen by visitors to the Ithaca College campus who arrived by way of Route 89 downtown. In fact, I'm still greeting visitors -- like the crowd that came in for today's Open House!

Do you know who I am?


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The Dorothy D. and Roy H. Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise

Right you are, Joan! I am indeed only one of many sustainable features of this beautiful campus landmark.

Bonus points for you as well! My certification is indeed Platinum, which means that according to the criteria for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the U.S. Green Building Council certifies that I have reached the highest level of achievement in these areas. 

This pioneering design inspired professors and staff in the School of Business to incorporate similar principles of sustainability and achievement into their teaching. As former Dean of the Business School Susan West Engelkemeyer states on the School's website, "The new building's dynamic and interactive learning environment provided the energy, inspiration, and opportunity to push a very good curriculum to become truly great."

Kudos to you, School of Business. We give you a big green star.


Fall Break is almost here, and like our great students, this blog is going on a short hiatus! Be on the lookout for our next clue the week of October 19.


Written by Meghan Swope      1 comment

Solar Panels on the Side of a Green Building

I made quite a statement when I first opened my doors in January 2008, and people still become green with envy when they see how awesome I am. Some would even say I'm hot -- there was, after all, that infamous time when the grass on my roof caught fire after the Fourth of July fireworks. 

I am indeed a LEEDer, and I might even give you bonus points if you can explain what I mean in your guess.

The part of me you're seeing here loves to soak up the sun. 

Who am I?


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The Armillary Sphere Near the Park School Entrance

I'm the first one to completely stump all of you! I'm the Armillary Sphere, and as I told you in my hint, I was donated by the Ithaca College Class of 1992. According to the Greek astronomer Hipparchus, it was fellow Greek Eratosthenes who invented us. The name comes from the Latin word armilla, which means "circle" or "bracelet". 

We were having so much fun with this new blog when all of you were guessing, but it seems you may not know as much as we thought about on campus objects and places. No worries -- I have the perfect solution for our prospective student readers. Why don't you come visit campus?! That way, you can meet me (the Armillary Sphere) and my friends and acquaintances that you may want to guess in the future. And if you're a current student just keep your eyes open -- and maybe get out more! ;o)


Be on the lookout for our next teaser this Sunday!


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