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Everything In-Between

Everything In-Between

Taking the time between school years to look at the subtleties of Ithaca.

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As work began to slow down this past week I decided to take on a photo project that I have been wanting to do for awhile. In various photo classes I have studied quite a few photographers who work with typologies. How I interpret a typological study through photography is looking at a subject that is functionally the same but can vary in characteristics and locations. Inspired by one of my favorite photos that I took in the fall of a closed table umbrella, I decided to keep going with this subject. I drove, biked, and walked around Ithaca leisurely searching for closed table umbrellas and would find them at the most unexpected times. Their slightly worn aesthetic and quirky disparities as well as how they are almost always located near a restaurant seemed very fitting as a way to describe Ithaca as a place. I also found this project to be an appropriate way to end my blog of observations. 


And for a closer look at each photo....


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Meditation Booth

The very first time I visited Ithaca with my dad over two years ago, we found this area with a prayer and meditation booth and a great view of a waterfall. When I came back for my freshman year I was eager to find it but somehow never quite made it. I didn't know the name of the waterfall and didn't have a car to really search for it. I gave up by the end of freshman year after going on a few aimless walks with no success but this Friday I just happened to stumble upon it when we decided to go view Ithaca Falls! It looked just as I remembered!


I had some fun with my sunglasses while I was there. Even though they are very good for my eyes, I often get irritated by how they can make a sunny day appear somewhat ominous. 



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Truck in Field

After having to deal with the endless rain, I jumped at the first opportunity to go on a bike ride free from worrying about a spontaneous storm. I wanted to be able to stop and take pictures along the way so I opted for a semi-flat route. I attempted to do a ride called the Long Valley trail in Brooktondale. Although I missed the first few turns, I still managed to have a great ride. I saw many dogs, horses, cows, cats, lawn ornaments, and big open fields. 


Oh and there were some pretty awesome clouds too.

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Before school starts and our free time is limited, Haley and I decided to drive to Taughannock Falls. Although we didn't get to do the entire walk because of the confused and angry clouds, it was still a pretty incredible hike!

 Haley and Friend

After the initial decent, we stopped by a bridge to check out the cool lighting by the lake and Haley found a new friend!


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Last Thursday I happily embarked on the eight hour drive home to Ann Arbor. I got to spend two nights at home and then drove four more hours with my sister on Saturday to Charlevoix where we met up with my boyfriend and the three of us took a 15 minute flight over to Beaver Island. I have been going to the island every year since I was born, haven't missed a year yet! The rest of the week was spent biking, swimming, sleeping, reading and eating with my family and many family friends. It was wonderfully uneventful and exactly what I had been waiting for. Here are some photos I took with my new digital camera!


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