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 Jonathan Richman is almost a mythical creature, at this point. With his most well known band, The Modern Lovers, having released only 1 album, it's kind of hard to get a grasp on who he is as an artist. Suffice it to say though, that he is amazing. with a solid 30 years of touring under his belt, Richman knows how to play to an audience. When I first arrived the floor was a little sparse, but the crows was quickly drawn in, physically and mentally, by Richman's powerful yet childlike croon, and his amazing wiggle dances. Playing mostly material from his vast solo career, he left no one dissapointed. It was one of those shows where every person in the audience felt that he was playing for them, and only them. Pretty darn magical, Jonathan. Come back soon. 


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Man Mna

When I heard Man Man was coming to the Haunt this fall, I was anticipating mayhem. I'd never seen them in such a small venue, and the Philly-based experimental rockers aren't exactly what you'd call "easily contained"

As expected, the energy from their show this weekend was immense. Honus Honus, face smeared with white battle-paint as usual, cavorted about the stage in glitter and doom, singing of zombies and the habits or rabbits. The entire floor of the Haunt was so teeming with ecstatic dancing people that it looked like a happy neon sea, only becoming still for the brief spaces between songs so that everyone could catch their breath.

While I wish we would have heard more of the brilliant songs off their new album Life Fantastic, I really can't complain. Every song they played was one that someone came to see, and the joy was infectious. My photo's quality may have suffered, because it was hard to shoot while infected with such joy. I don't mind. 


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A Japanese art-punk band playing with a bunch of Parton-esque girls from Tennessee?

No, that makes no sense.

Yes, it was awesome. 

I've been a fan of Those Darlin's since I happened upon them opening for O'Death in late 2008, and like a fine wine they've only gotten better with time. For a good approximation of their sound, imagine that someone sparkly and country and sassy, like Dolly, had a baby with angry Henry Rollins, then put her in a band with other babies of the same ilk. They played a bevy of favorites from their most recent album Screws Get Loose, prompting several hapless men in the audience to actually take off their clothes in passion. 

Peelander Z was just as remarkable, if not more so. Supplementing hard-edged J-punk with props and... skits(?) they put on a show that none who were there will soon forget. At one point, they had people from the audience (most with no musical talent) come up onstage to play their instruments, while they occupied themselves with throwing a giant lobster-man into a bunch of bowling pins. Remarkable. 


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Whereas last Sunday was a tantilizing evening of folk finery, last night was the kind of show where you were covered in other people's sweat, getting rips in your jeans and crowdsurfer's feet to the face. It was sick. 

Culture Shock hosted a concert for the release of a split EP from Binghamton's Summer People and Boston's Hot Cha Cha. I'd always known that Summer People was a delicious little slice of garage rock goodness, but Hot Cha Cha took me by surprise. A girl in pink with a shock of blonde hair belted out quick and dirty punk songs that reminded me of X-Ray Spex at their nastiest, while the rest of the Cha Chas charged through a 20 minute set of wonder. Locals Kinship kicked off the whole shebang. All in all, a nice dose of adrenaline on an otherwise sleepy Sunday night. 


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Talk about a triumphant return! The last time we saw him was last in 2010, but this time, with some new band mates and a sick opener in the form of Matrimony, Langhorne Slim blew the roof off Castaways.

The flurry of roots-rock fury was exactly what the crowd at Castaways seemed to be wanting. The well-worn hardwood flooring took a joyful beating from many boots as Slim played familiar songs, as well as a few new treats, late into the night. Check out some shots of the revelry below!


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Janelle Monae


Wow! I can easily say that was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! 

Opening acts Timothy Bloom and fun., and headliner Grammy-nominated Janelle Monae performed at Cornell's Barton Hall this past Sunday as part of the Campus Consciousness Tour. 

R&B artist Timothy Bloom kicked off the show with a set of soulful tunes. Later, the second act fun. grabbed the audience's attention as they performed their highly energetic set of old and new favorites. After about 2 hours of anticipation, Janelle Monae finally took the stage. The crowd was captivated by Janelle Monae's raw talent. Her performance was filled with her powerful voice, impressive dancing, intriguing personality, energy, and theatrics. During her headlining set, she spontaneously started painted on a canvas, and later on briefly performed while crowd-surfing. The audience simply could not get enough. Janelle Monae performed a four song encore still leaving the crowd wanting more.





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Milk Carton

After one of the chilliest school-weeks of the year, it seems that lots of Ithaca students were keen to kick back with a beverage and enjoy Gaby Moreno, the Milk Carton Kids, and Not from Wisconsin in their shared show at Delilah's this weekend. 

Whereas the Milk Carton Kids and Not from Wisconsin seemed to be pretty standard "Wow, this is some great folky acoustic stuff" fare, Gaby Moreno really surprised me. Born in Guatamala and currently residing in LA, Moreno fused her origins musically to make one of the most entrancing shows I've seen in a while. Though she couldn't have been much taller than her guitar, Moreno's voice had a presence of the kind that you have to be born with. Oh, and did I mention she composed the theme song to Parks and Recreation? Girl-crush. 


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