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The Arkells

The Arkells played the best, and most under-attended show I've seen this year. Despite the fact that their crowd consisted of about 20 people (ten, just there for the bar) The Arkells proved with a vengance that yes, Canadians can rock. 

Having toured almost constantly for the past five years, I guess it should come as no surprise that their show was tight and musically impeccable. They're one of those few bands that can sound perfectly harnessed andin-control, while actually teetering on the edge of rock mayhem. I remember seeing them several years ago opening for Metric, and their set has only improved. 

I only wish more people had been there, it does feel awkward dancing alone with a heavy camera as my only partner. Join me next time? 


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Tea Leaf Green

Usually, I think it's hard to pull off straight Rock and Roll unless you're Bruce Springsteen. Guitar + Bass + Drums + a keyboard is nice and all, but it usually gets boring pretty quickly if there's nothing else going on. That being said, Tea Leaf Green played a set of awesome classic rock last night, that just wasn't old enough to be classic yet. 

I hadn't listened to the San Francisco rockers before I walked into the Haunt that night, but was very impressed with how they managed to sound both fresh and timeless in different parts of their set, and sometimes different parts of the same song. Tea Leaf Green is one of the most dedicated touring bands around right now, and sometimes you just need a good rock show. I'll definitely be seeing them again next time they come around. Pics from the show below!


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One organization that I've seen Ithaca College students consistently loving/volunteering with during my time at IC has been Ithaca Underground. A DIY organization that books and promotes all-ages shows in Ithaca, Ithaca Underground has long been one of my favorite groups around town too.

Thus, it was great to see Ithaca College students, Cornellians, and townies alike coming out this weekend for Ithaca Underground's benefit show. Unfortunately I only got there about halfway through (damn you, real-life non musical obligations!) but Cattle Drums and Gunpoets certainly made it worth my while.

Cattle Drums had a nice raw garage-punk sound, and sounded great despite some awkwardness from the lead singer... and by "awkwardness" I mean he sang the whole show with his back to us. They were fun though! Gunpoets headlined, and brought a the heady haze of dance/hip hop/DJ fun times that they are famous for. Photos below for your viewing enjoyment! 


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sam roberts

In my experience, Canadian bands know how to rile up a crowd. Maybe it's the cold, but they tend to be good at keeping a room moving, dancing, drinking, and having a great time. Sam Roberts Band at Castaways this weekend was no exception. 

While they're probably used to playing State Theater-esque venues back in Quebec, Roberts and his band took to the rickety stage at Castaways with gusto. I'm only really familiar with their album from this May, Collider, but there's definitely going some heavy rotation of their earlier stuff after this week's concert. With a voice a wee bit like Tom Petty and a band adept at impeccable rock 'n' roll, Sam Roberts stoked the crowd into a joyful fervor of roots rock-y goodness.

Also, wow he is good looking. Photos below if you don't believe me. 


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parts and labor

While the music at Big Day In went from 12pm to 12am, it would have taken a superhuman feat of strength to rock through it all. No doubt, some particularly dedicated music fans accomplished this feat, (Bubba Crumrine, the organizer, was definitely in these ranks. Respect.) but having a full work schedule that day I was only able to see three bands near the end of the night. Luckily, they kicked ass. 

Ithaca locals Summer People played at around 7, followed by upstate punkers Hot Cha Cha, and then one of the night's headliners Parts and Labor. I've been wanting to catch Parts and Labor's live show for a while, and their amazing experimental rock didn't disappoint. Considerable skill and a "F*** it, we'll do it live!" DIY attitude was a perfect fit for the night. Hot Cha Cha and Summer People were similarly sick, both bands combusting into balls of energy for the duration of their quick-and dirty sets. 

Check out pics from the party below! In order, you're looking at Parts and Labor, Hot Cha Cha, then Summer People. Support local music with Ithaca Underground and its ilk, They make your city awesome!



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