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Doing It Right: An LA Semester

Doing It Right: An LA Semester

Tips, tricks, and tribulations from a Cinema and Photography student's semester in Los Angeles

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Written by Colleen Cunha      Add a comment

View driving through Independence Pass on our way to Los Angeles

Once I found out I was accepted into the ICLA 2012 program, I immediately began making plans for my first semester away from Ithaca. Step one was finding a way to get across the country, from Cape Cod, MA all the way to the Oakwood Apartments in Los Angeles. What I did, and what I highly recommend, is to travel with others. When else are you going to have the opportunity to drive across the country with your closest college friends?




I found two friends, Julie Winograd (Cinema and Photography '13) and Garrett Thoen (Cinema and Photography '13) who were willing to drive and over the summer we mapped out our route. We found family along the way, including Garrett's aunt and uncle in Des Moines who let us crash and Julie's mother in Colorado Springs who let us stay and recuperate for a full day. To keep from going stir crazy, when we were stopped in Colorado we spent the day exploring, and ended up at a zoo and eventually left town via the scenic route- through Independence Pass at the continental divide.




Although the day from Colorado to Nevada should have felt long (it was about 13 hours) it was our quickest leg because we were able to really appreciate the difference between where we were each from and the incredible mountains and canyons that we drove through in Utah. It was the only leg of our trip that crossed states that none of us had ever been to which made it very exciting!




But driving with friends isn't just fun, it's cost effective, can be quite stress-free, and helped prepare me personally for being so far away from home. The whole country is incredibly beautiful and diverse in people, weather, landscapes, gas prices, you name it. Driving across country was an incredible once in a lifetime experience (unless of course I can convince my friends to drive home at the end of the semester too!)


Map of the drive to LA




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