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Ciao Italia!

Ciao Italia!

Seeing the old world through a new lens.

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Written by Matthew Prokosch      Add a comment

Matt sits behind the desk of his former high school European History teacher.

Well, it’s a little less than a week until I leave for Siena and it’s starting to hit me. I probably should start thinking about what to pack. Okay, I sort of did think about it and the result was me bringing my suitcases out of the closet and blindly chucking clothes into them. Then I realized it was too much and I proceeded to throw it back in my closet and give up. Hey, baby steps first, right?

Anyways, I’m wicked (give me a break, I’m from Central NY) excited to go! I cannot wait for the mouth-watering Tuscan food and drink. I also cannot wait for the chance to photograph this incredible part of the world. I just spent the summer working as a photographer in northern New Mexico where the photographic opportunities are awesome, but I know Siena will blow it away. 

Practically all of my friends and family ask the same question: "Aren't you nervous about living in a foreign country where they don't speak the same language?" Well, yes of course I'm a bit nervous. However, I'm confident that the academic, social, and financial responsibility that I've learned at IC will make for an easy transition. 

Okay, I’m going to attempt to get back to packing. My next post will be from Siena, Italy! 


This is me sitting behind my former high school European History teacher's desk with two maps of Europe proudly displayed behind me (told you I'm a nerd). Aren't fisheye lenses the coolest?

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