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Beyond the Dining Halls

Written by Lauren Hesse

Phil Feinberg '11 is a bio lab prep worker on campus.

Long gone are the days where you have to wait until graduation to dive into your career. Ithaca College’s on-campus employment options help students build confidence, résumés, and bank accounts.

For Science Geeks
Biochemistry major Philip Feinberg ’11 can be considered a jack-of-all-trades, balancing his studies, internships, research outside of class, and his on-campus jobs as resident assistant, student researcher, teaching assistant for Organic Chemistry I & II and Principals of Biology, and a lab technician. From sterilizing supplies to helping students conduct experiments and research, Feinberg is on the fast track to his career aspirations.

After graduation, Feinberg plans to get an M.D./Ph.D. “I used to only want to go to medical school,” says Feinberg. “However, after doing research at IC, I realized how much I needed to get a Ph.D. as well. I have learned so many different things that I will be able to apply in a work setting.” “Graduate schools look for experienced students, ones that have been exposed to research. I feel very prepared.”

For Computer Whizzes
Rachel Allen ’12, a communication management and design major, works at the ITS help desk, where she’s helped a professor who was having technical problems with his lecture and eased the mind of a student whose computer has just crashed.

Allen works with clients by phone, e-mail, and face-to-face. Part of the job is distinguishing between work she can do herself -- resetting passwords, managing server folders between different academic departments, and doing optical scanning for tests and exams on campus -- from problems that need someone else’s expertise. “We can do troubleshooting,” says Allen, “but we sometimes redirect into other departments or send an order to a service technician.”

For Exercise Buffs
Hannah Greenberg ’11 works as a fitness specialist in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance’s Wellness Clinic “The best part is getting to know the clients,” says the clinical exercise science major. “It is definitely a social environment where you get to know each person not just as an exerciser but on a personal level.”

At her campus job, Greenberg develops specialized exercise programs for her clients and helps them learn proper form, skills that will be valuable in her ultimate goal: to become a physical therapist.

For Music Fans
“As a freshman,” says sound recording technology major Kevin Harper ’11, “I took every opportunity I could to get acquainted with our systems and learn as much as I possibly could about recording techniques in general.” Now the student manager of recording services, Harper oversees 30 student workers and the recordings of the approximately 400 recitals and concerts at the School of Music each year.

He’s got no complaints, especially since he wants to make a career of it. “I get paid to record great music,” he says, “which is something I love to do.”

For Shutterbugs
As photography lab monitor for the Roy H. Park School of Communications, journalism major Marianne Dabir ’11 answers students’ questions, troubleshoots printing and technology problems, and mixes chemicals in the wet process rooms.

This experience helped her land an internship at Tank magazine, one of London’s premier fashion publications. “Along with the photography courses I’ve taken at Ithaca, working in the photo lab helped me learn to evaluate photographs from both a contextual perspective as well as an aesthetic one,” says Dabir, who hopes to pursue a career as a fashion journalist. “Fashion and fashion magazines are heavily reliant on photography, so a working knowledge of it is a must.”

For Future Salespeople
Allyson Hotchkin ’11, an integrated marketing and communications major, works as a sales manager for Ithaca College’s student-run newspaper, the Ithacan, and has already seen the benefits of her campus job. “It is rumored to be the best-paid job on campus,” jokes Hotchkin, who works on commission.

But this job offers more than great pay; it provides real-world experience. Working with paying clients and using computer programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop have given Hotchkin familiarity with the basic skills she needs in her marketing classes. In fact, this sort of experience makes her a great candidate for a layout position right out of college, something she hopes to pursue post-graduation.



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