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Suzanna Slavin '13 signs new talent, like Courtney Barnett, for an independent record label.


Music education major Allison Russo '11 is showing school-aged girls it's okay to be noisy, unstructured, and expressive--in other words, a jazz musician.


Research rules music out as a exercise motivator 


Every year, IC students in the Composing in the Schools program work with students and teachers from area middle schools to produce a piece for the middle school musicians to perform.


Jeffery Meyer was a pianist living in Berlin, Germany, when he made connections through a friend to play a concert in St. Petersburg, Russia. The opportunity fell through, but a subsequent conversation with his friend about St. Petersburg’s deeply rooted classical music scene and its lack of appreciation for modern composers compelled him to switch to conducting and head to the cultural capital of Russia to create a new chamber orchestra. Meyer wanted to form a group that was “dedicated to up-and-coming performers and composers,” he says. “To be a progressive voice in the culture.” And so, in 2002, Meyer founded the St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic.




Are you a prospective student with college planning questions? Then myIthaca has got you covered.

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