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As a prospective student, Skott Freedman knew Ithaca College was the place for him within an hour of visiting the campus with his mother. He hadn’t even visited any other college or university before seeing IC.


Right now in the United States, 48 million people lack health insurance; heart disease is the number one cause of death in adults. These are problems that need to be solved. The first step? Education.


Jeffery Meyer was a pianist living in Berlin, Germany, when he made connections through a friend to play a concert in St. Petersburg, Russia. The opportunity fell through, but a subsequent conversation with his friend about St. Petersburg’s deeply rooted classical music scene and its lack of appreciation for modern composers compelled him to switch to conducting and head to the cultural capital of Russia to create a new chamber orchestra. Meyer wanted to form a group that was “dedicated to up-and-coming performers and composers,” he says. “To be a progressive voice in the culture.” And so, in 2002, Meyer founded the St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic.



Deborah King, professor or exercise and sport sciences, studies the nuances of salchows and axels, lutzes and toe loops, helping coaches help skaters to make it to the Olympics.


My classmate Charles and I were on the first day of excavations and had been working for less than half a day when we made the find: a beautifully incised 1,100-year-old decorated pipe bowl. The thrill of discovery is exactly why I am an anthropology major, which combines academically based education with hands-on experience.


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