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Department of Biology

Students research and navigate on the Caribbean in January


We've seen the "Ithaca is gorges" bumper stickers, and we agree: the waterfalls, the lake, and the state parks are beautiful and signature Ithaca landmarks. But what casual visitors might not notice are the Ithaca College Natural Lands, 560 acres located on and across campus and in the nearby town of Newfield. Students and faculty use the Natural Lands for everything from classroom instruction and outside field research projects to cross country practice. Realizing we had never fully explored the wooded paths in IC's own backyard, we took advantage of the sunny summer weather and wandered the trails.


You know the instructions for glue: Apply to a clean, dry surface. So how do snails, slugs, and oysters stick to wet, slimy surfaces so ferociously you’d need a chisel to get them off? That’s what IC biology professor Andy Smith studies—he believes the adhesive secretions of mollusks have potentially valuable medical applications. And students collaborate with him on this research.



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