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Two German soldiers crept through the forest, leaves crunching beneath their boots. They held fast to their rifles, cutting through bursts of freezing wind and shields of snowflakes. The winter numbness seeped through their uniforms, chilling to the bone.




"I have always pushed my students very hard. I think, though, that after my experience in Saudi Arabia, I pushed them harder," says Janice Levy, professor of cinema,photography, and media arts, who spent her recent sabbatical teaching introductory photography at Princess Noura University.



How did the director of last year’s critically acclaimed Never Let Me Go discover his passion for filmmaking? It probably started with the Kodak Instamatic his photography-buff father bought him when he was nine, or perhaps it was the darkroom his dad built him when he was 12. But one thing’s for certain: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which he saw twice as a boy, was hugely influential. “I was really struck by that film; it really overwhelmed me,” says Mark Romanek ’81. “One day it oc­curred to me that maybe if I borrowed my uncle’s Super 8 camera I could make a story movie rather than just a home movie. When I was about 15 years old, I knew that I would be a film director.” 



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