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Students Perform at the United Nations

Written by Kristin Leffler

IC Teatro students perform at the United Nations

Students in Annette Levine’s Spanish Theatre class went from shyly reading scripts on the first day of class to performing a play in front of the United Nations in New York City.

In the class, the students learned about the dictatorship of 1970s Argentina, the thousands of people who disappeared, and the hundreds of children who were kidnapped and raised by military families. The students then applied that historical context to their rehearsals for A Propósito de la duda or “For the Sake of Doubt,” written by Argentine playwright Patricia Zangaro. The original play is entirely in Spanish, and the characters are based on testimonies collected by Las Abuelas de La Plaza de Mayo, an Argentine human rights organization.

After performing the play for leaders of Las Abuelas, the class was invited by the Argentine ambassador to perform during International Human Rights Day at the United Nations in New York City. It was a way to connect to history and to reflect on current human rights injustices through language and theatre on a very important day in international history.

Watch a video of the performance:




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