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Amazing Spaces: Meet our Fuse Dorm Contest Winners!

Written by Lauren Hesse

Funniest Room winner Sheraz Iqbal '12 made sure his dorm is an entertaining place to hang out, with comfy seating and a totally chill atmosphere.

You may have heard the phrase tabula rasa, but you face a more literal blank slate each year when you arrive for school in the fall: a spare room with clean white walls, a bed, a desk, a bookshelf or desk hutch, and a dresser. Fuse challenged IC students to show us how they transformed their dorm rooms, and we set out to find the best. Take a look at our dorm contest winners and try out these useful tips!



The Essentials 

Dorm room space is at a premium, so we suggest you bring the obvious (computer, sheets, and clothes) but also some small comforts from home. Pictures of your friends and family,a string of decorative lights, your favorite DVDs, and posters can make your room feel like yours. Before you know it, you will be adding new pictures of your college friends and when you say you’re heading “home” you will mean to your dorm room. Julie Becker ’13 entered Fuse’s contest with a ton of ideas: “If I could give one tip, I’d definitely recommend using a rug. It changes the entire feel of the room, and makes it much more welcoming and much less dormish.”
Making the Most of Shared Space 
For many students this is the first time living with a roommate, and it is essential to collaborate and discuss ways of maximizing space. Communicating with your roommate before you arrive at IC will ensure you don’t show up with doubles. (Two mini fridges may sound awesome, but your dorm room isn’t a mansion.) Want more floor space? A college maintenance team will be happy to assist with lofting or bunking beds and you are free to rearrange the furniture however you like. 
Painting: It’s An Option
Fuse dorm contest champions Kathryn Krick ’13 and Julianne Feller ’13 got creative with their Tallcott Hall double when they painted a wall pink. Believe it or not, it’s okay with the Office of Residential Life if you want to paint your room! All you have to do is contact Res Life about approved colors and then paint away. 
Bring Your Room to Life, Literally 
A pet fish is a great way to add some life to your dorm space, and it makes a great conversation piece. The best part? The Office of Residential Life allows them! Sorry, dog and cat lovers, you’re out of luck while you live in the dorms. If you move to a campus apartment (and if you have the time and dedication), you may want to consider training a Guiding Eyes Dog, which is allowed on campus.
Make Your Room a Study Haven or the Hangout Spot
Before you dive into decorating, decide what you want the feel of your room to be. Is it a quiet study room? Is it the spot where everyone comes to play video games and watch movies? Do you have a welcoming, open-door policy? Discuss these factors with your roommate and base your room around that ideal. You might want to choose soft colors and optimal lighting for a study room, while a proper hangout room should be equipped with snacks, entertainment consoles, and plenty of chairs and pillows.
Whatever you decide, consider your room your canvas and take the time to make it a masterpiece.




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