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A Free and Fruitful Opportunity to Learn Another Language

Written by Alyssa Richard

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So many classes, so little time!

If you're like me, you'll find that there are so many exciting classes to take at IC -- both required courses and electives -- that you may end up having to set aside some opportunities, like learning a language.

I took Spanish for five years, from 8th grade to senior year of high school. But when I came to IC, I was so involved in my major and interested in other cool classes that studying a language ended up on the back burner.

But just recently, I discovered a program that will allow me to learn a language in my own free time, free of exams, papers, and lectures. Best of all, it's free of charge!

It's called Mango, and it's available at the the Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL).

Mango teaches you conversation skills, using real-life scenarios. That way you learn more than grammar, vocabulary, and conjugation; you learn to communicate.

Below is a screen shot of my first lesson in Mandarin Chinese as I prepare for my semester in Singapore!

mango screen 2

To use Mango, you must first have a TCPL library card.

You can then access Mango from any computer by logging into the TCPL website and entering your account information. Once on the Mango site, you can choose from 12 languages and learn at your own pace.

"In such a diverse and internationally populated city such as Ithaca, Mango provides an opportunity for us to quickly and easily learn the basics of select languages to help communicate with each other in our community," says Tompkins County librarian Lawrence Carey.

"We have virtually no calls for assistance by our patrons asking for help in learning how to use Mango. Its simplicity insures that more of our patrons will use it in the future," says Carey.

With this kind of easy and convenient learning, it's no wonder more and more people are using Mango. It’s the perfect solution for students too tied down to take a language class, or students like me who are planning on studying abroad!

Or hey, why not learn a language just for fun? Try a little Mango today!




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